Reading Tarot is one of my very favorite things to do. You can read a little about my Tarot Philosophy here and a little about Hannah’s experience here.


This Pricing is for members An Uncurated Circle ONLY

(you give me a question and I will respond with a video of my read as well as an image of the read via email)

A simple 3 card read is $14

A 6 card read is $22

For a more in-depth issue or for a more personal touch, you can schedule a 30 min zoom call with me to discuss the issue you’d like the read to address. These “Tea and Tarot” sessions are $40

Sometimes I will add an oracle card to a read for clarity or warmth - there is no charge for them :)

Please email me at to schedule a read.  Include what you'd like the read to address, unless you'd like the most in-depth read, in which case leave some good times for you to meet and I will get back to you ASAP!

All payments can be made to