About Me

I never know how to write bios.  Trying to list accomplishments, education, careers, aspirations never seems to get at the core of who I am, or who anyone is, really.  So here are some things you might want to know and then some thing I want you to know :)

I was raised in Central Illinois and I love driving past the perfectly geometric lines of cornfields. I used to drive around in the country listening to REM and staring at the stars. 

I went to Oberlin College and struggled to pick a major. I decided on Visual art, which was a combination of Studio art and art history, with a concentration in Cinema Studies and Photography (see how I didn't really pick?). I also studied psychology and philosophy pretty extensively. 

I was a wedding photographer for 10 years and I loved that job, until I didn't.  I will never ever phone something in, even if I'm making good money at it.  I just can't. 

I cried when I first went back to church after having forgotten about it for years.  I remembered who I am, who I wanted to be. 

I am committed to the values of empathy, compassion, engagement, and honesty and strive to put these at the center of my ministry. My spiritual practice is seeing the divine in the everyday experiences of life; my morning cup of coffee, the moment right before someone laughs, the feeling I get when I hear a song from my childhood, the sound of rain at night, or an unexpected moment of connection with a stranger.