Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction with me is a safe, casual place to be heard, a place of uninterrupted time for considering your identity, to explore your inner landscape, and to question your limitations.  

I provide support through life’s challenges in a spiritual but not necessarily “religious” way. We will find a language that works for you.

We can use tarot and other forms of art to stimulate subconscious knowings. I specialize in personality archetypes like the Enneagram and Myers-Briggs and use the wisdom in these systems to help you better understand yourself and your dynamic relationships with others.

Or we can just sit together with some hot tea and chat about what’s going on.   

I am a trained chaplain, minister, and spiritual coach, but more than that, I genuinely love talking to people about who they are and who they want to be.  One on One sessions typically last about an hour while couple sessions are 90 minutes.

Who is Spiritual Direction for?

I love to work with people who strive to understand themselves and hear their own inner voice with more clarity.  I work with people who are ready to embark on a new journey but are a little unsure of the way, or are not sure how to best use their skills without wearing themselves out.

I work (primarily) with women/femmes who crave freedom and safety at the same time. I work with intuitive healers who are ready to feel alive and challenged in their work and can still be present for their families, relaxed and happy during dinner, and tuck their children into bed with lengthy stories and songs they make up themselves.  I work with anyone who feels like they do so much and are ready for a little ease and abundance.

If you are seeking freedom, direction, and a little support while you find your soul’s calling, I hope you will consider working with me.

OK, but what’s involved specifically?

In spiritual coaching sessions we can:

  • Create a set of goals to work toward and ways to determine if we are meeting them

  • Explore your values, ethics, and temperament

  • Discuss and create rituals and spiritual practices for deepening your relationship with your inner voice (including but not limited to Tarot, journaling, float tanks, meditation, music, movement, and art)

  • Explore the role of spirituality and divinity in your life

  • Explore stories and myths that have shaped your life and determine which to keep and which could use a rewrite.

  • Look at your passions and commitments and make sure that you are contributing to justice work in a way that feels sustainable and life-giving.

  • Take a deep dive into your relationships and work on developing authentic and meaningful communication skills.

  • Use portrait photography to explore how you want to be seen (or how you want to hide)


I offer 1-1 spiritual coaching and direction for $80/hr both in-person or via video call.

3 sessions packages are available for $200

Session are available in person in the Boston area and via video anywhere!  If cost is an issue I do work on a sliding scale - please contact me and we'll work something out!