Spirit of Life, Earth and Sea and Sky,
Place of deep longing in my heart
Find your way from silence to voice
Give me strength and courage to speak truth through my life
For I am a creature of the Universe, small but infinite
A momentary body in the sea of life, and also the sea itself
I am a gathered bit of energy, and one who gathers
A creation and a creator
Let me not hold too tightly to one form and lose the other
For we are not form but process, ever-changing and ever-renewing
Help us see that we are neither the beginning nor the end,
but something perfectly natural and imperfectly divine.

- Rev Alix



Alix is a Unitarian Universalist minister and spiritual counselor. She is also an artist, writer, and mother. 


Specializing in small group ministry, one-on-one spiritual counseling, and the use of creativity and art for spiritual depth.  See what Alix is up to lately.