Campfire Ministry is still in the dream phase. My hope is to create a spiritual community for all ages that comes together twice a month instead of every Sunday.  The community will gather, connect, build a fire, tell stories, sing songs, and share in the joys that is honest connection with one another.  


Rituals of Union

Wedding Ceremonies as unique as your love. 

I specialize in creating ceremonies that feel spiritual and sacred but not necessarily religious.  I work with all sorts of folk; non-religious, interfaith, pagan, secular, LGBTQIA+, poly-amorous folk.  All are welcome here. 


Modern Studies of Self

Move to a deeper understanding of your gifts, passions, limitations, and areas of growth.  

What are our Origin stories? Where did you come from? What dreams were given to you and which did you create yourself? What is your story around money, family, race, religion, happiness, meaning, love?

Coming this winter!