Crossroads Counseling

Have you ever wished counseling was more like going to tea with a good friend who really listened and understood you? Crossroads Counseling is a safe, casual place to be heard, a place of uninterrupted time for considering your identity, to explore your inner landscape, and to question your limitations.  

I provide support through life’s challenges in a spiritual but not religious way.

We can use tarot and other forms of art to stimulate subconscious knowings, personality archetypes to help you better understand yourself and your dynamic relationships with others,

or just sit around a fire with hot tea and chat about what’s going on.   

I am a trained chaplain, minister, and spiritual coach, but more than that, I genuinely love talking to people about who they are and who they want to be.  One on One sessions typically last about an hour while couple sessions are 90 minutes.

Session are available in person in the San Diego area and via video anywhere!  If cost is an issue I do work on a sliding scale - please contact me and we'll work something out!


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Thank you, Alix. I loved getting this read today. I appreciate you. I definitely will know it when I see it, and trust that it is on its way - Jana P.
Oh Alix, I love this so much, Thank you! I love listening to your voice and your interpretations and the strong visual and visceral sense you give me of the read. There is so much in here, and I am going to take the deep breaths you suggest and sit with it to see where mental clarity may take me. - Pippa B.